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Façadomy Revisited

July 8, 2010

Lest I be accused of urban voyeurism, why not compare these crop-shot urban textures with my previous post on façadomy of a different breed?  Under what condition can a building recycle it’s potential for profit?  Under what condition does it become a ruin?


Light Therapy Box

July 7, 2010

Smile, you’ve got a light box!

SLAB Magazine

July 7, 2010

Telematic Primitivism: A Survey Of Temporary Constructions Built For The Purpose Of Watching The 2010 FIFA World Cup At Sidewalk Cafés In Berlin, Germany

Liberal Man

June 15, 2010

serial killers x-files

The liberal man, interested in freedom, tears himself open and discovers his own mortality.

The Realtor

June 14, 2010

The homeowner constructs a language of everyday use between the functional and the poetic.  When a home is put up for sale, the language of the market supplants the language of everyday use.  The realtor translates the past into profit, extracting and itemizing, filtering and adjusting to construct a recognizable market language.  The final product must contain traces of the everyday, or signs of life, with the added value of reinvention and resale.

The realtor’s rendering of space is total. Neighborhoods are classified and generalized, statistically rendered and ranked to manage risk and mitigate the instability of the large-scale consumer environment. Confronting a diverse array of variables that could affect the sale, the realtor must stay alert and aware of both the real and its representation.  The open house, the showing, the tour; the present must allude to a speculative added value.

The realtor is the visionary architect of his client’s potential.  The optimal occupational performance takes clients on the most pleasant journey through the most pleasant neighborhoods.  The realtor manifests a lifestyle-universe of signs, powered by speculative profit.

real estate market

Death by Plastic

June 12, 2010

Blow-Out Village, Peter Cook, 1966 (via The Archigram Archival Project)

The main mast is raised hydraulically to the chosen height. Air-inflated ribs fall from the top of the main mast supporting a weatherproof transparent plastic cover over the whole village. –Peter Cook

In 2018, China will sell the US a giant plastic bag; a defense department Ziploc®. Stagnation and suffocation will result.

Seaside Bubbles, Ron Herron, 1966(via The Archigram Archival Project)

Delineations, Baltimore, Maryland

June 5, 2010