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BUTT Magazine asks, St. Augustine Confesses

July 27, 2010

gay saints, gay scriptures

Butt Magazine: How are you?

St. Augustine: Your providence brought me a friend. He was not a very frequent consulter of astrologers, and he was not well up in the literature of the subject, but, as I have said, consulted them out of curiosity.  Yet he had some knowledge which he said he had learnt from his father.  He did not know how much validity that might have for overthrowing confidence in art.

Sure. (One hour later) So what’s up?

At Rome my arrival was marked by the scourge of physical sickness, and I was on the way to the underworld, bearing all the evils I had committed against you, against myself, and against other…

You’re still recording?

Sometimes, however, by taking excessive safeguards against being led astray, I err on the side of too much severity.  I have sometimes gone so far as to wish to banish all the melodies and sweet chants commonly used for David’s psalter from my ears and from the church as well.

Weren’t you mixing in London last month?

That is the outcome when you are abandoned, fount of life and the one true Creator and Ruler of the entire universe, when from a self-concerned pride a false unity is loved in the part.

Is this album taking longer than your first?

Secular successes are pleasant.  They have no small sweetness of their own.  Our motivation is not to be deflected from them by a superficial decision; for it would be a disgrace to return to the secular again.  It is a considerable thing to set out to obtain preferment to high office.  And what worldly prize could be more desirable?  We have plenty of influential friends.

For this new one you worked with Linda Perry, right?

Many great men entirely worthy of imitation have combined the married state with a dedication to the study of wisdom.

You’re not a very melodic person?

He was astonished that I, for whom he had so deep a regard, should be stuck fast in the glue of this pleasure.

I find Linda Perry amazing.

Alypius discouraged me from marrying a wife.

I absolutely hated that song What’s Up that she sang with 4 Non Blondes, when it came out in ’93.  It definitely stood out.

I did not postpone the fact that every day I was dying within myself.

But it grew on me to the point where I think it’s a perfectly brilliant, eternal pop song.

To a large extent what held me captive and tortured me was the habit of satisfying with vehement intensity an insatiable sexual desire.

On the low or the high end?

It was obvious to me that things which are liable to corruption are good.

Are you happy to be a musician?

I heard in the way one hears within the heart, and all doubt left me.

Wow, I never heard that expression.  How does that work?

And I considered the other things below you, and I saw that neither can they be said absolutely to be or absolutely not to be.  They are because they come from you.

What about your song Emerge?

If I were to regard them in isolation, I would indeed wish for something better…

That song got played to death before it even managed to become a hit.

It dwells in you without growing old and gives renewal to all things.

Emerge became the face of a whole style.  Like, you hear that song and you think ‘My god, no electroclash….Please!’

If we did not know this with certain knowledge, we would not want it with determination in our will.  But what does that mean?

Have you come to that point?

If two people are asked if they want to serve in the army, it may turn out that one of them replies that he would like to do so, while the other would not.  But if they are asked whether they would like to be happy, each would at once say without the least hesitation that he would choose to do so.

What about the girl you’re singing about?

She served us as if she was a daughter to all of us.

And what about this story that I heard a while back of you dating Kylie Minogue?

The conversation led us towards the conclusion that the pleasure of the bodily senses, however delightful in the radiant light of this physical world, is seen by comparison with the life of eternity to be not even worth considering.

Fashion-wise, what are you into lately?

Drunkards eat salty things to make their desire uncomfortable.

Like, what are you wearing as we speak?

These and other signs come from the heart of those who love and are loved and are expressed through the mouth, through the tongue, through the eyes, and a thousand gestures of delight, acting as fuel to set our minds on fire and out of many forge unity.

Are there any clothes that you’d never wear in public? Things you’re really ashamed of?

Let the restless and the wicked depart and flee from you.  You see them and pierce their shadowy existence: even with them everything is beautiful, though they are vile.

Since you’re traveling a lot, have you been to any place you’d want to move to?

The allurement of perfumes is not a matter of great concern to me.  When they are absent, I do not look for them.

That’s because you just came back from Central America.

What filth, what disgraceful things they were suggesting!  I was listening to them with much less than half my attention.  They were not frankly confronting me face to face on the road, but as it were whispering behind my back, as if they were furtively tugging at me as I was going away, trying to persuade me to look back.

Have you seen any specific places there that you’d want to have?

Our plan was formed with your knowledge but was not publicly known, except to our intimate circle.  It was agreed among us that it was not to be published generally.


Tongues that appear to be offering helpful advice can actually be hostile opponents and, in offering love, may devour us in the way people consume food.

I know nothing.

Let no anxiety about that disturb you.

Let’s talk about Sigfried and Roy.  Have you ever met them?

This question moves me to great astonishment.  Amazement grips me.  People are moved to wonder by mountain peaks, by vast waves of the sea, by broad waterfalls on rivers, by the all-embracing extent of the ocean, by the revolutions of the stars.  But in themselves they are uninterested.  They experience no surprise that when I was speaking of all these things, I was not seeing them with my eyes.  On the other hand, I would not have spoken of them unless the mountains and waves and rivers and stars (which I have seen) and the ocean (which I believe on the reports of others) I could see inwardly with dimensions just as great as if I were actually looking at them outside my mind.

Absolutely.  What else is going on?

I shall do this and that, I say to myself within the vast recess of my mind which is full of many, rich images…

Have you heard any good jokes recently?

The woman who lost her drachma searched for it with a lamp.  She would not have found it unless she had remembered it.  When she found it, how could she know that it was the one she lost, if she had failed to remember it?

I don’t know.

The object was lost to the eyes, but held in the memory.

That’s a great end.  Talk to you in a year or two, okay?

What then is it in the soul which causes it to take more pleasure in things which it loves when they are found and recovered that if it has always had them?

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