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Project Spectrum, Google 3D Warehouse

July 16, 2010

Project Spectrum, Google 3-D Warehouse

Cool Basement, 2009

Project Spectrum

At the Park, 2009

Project Spectrum

Dream House- Interior, 2009

Project Spectrum

Happy Bunny, 2009

“A bunny modeled by copying and pasting squares. Instead of creating the outline first and then filling in the interior, Meg placed squares horizontally like a printer.”

Project Spectrum

Aquarium Dream House, 2009

“This is Meg’s dream house. The walls are made of water and held together by force fields.”

Project Spectrum

Big French Fries, 2009

“This is a big pack of french fries a man ordered from work.”

Project Spectrum

UA Museum of the North Starbucks version, 2009

“UAMN modified as a new Starbucks property created by Cole.”

Three-dimensional thinking unconfined by discipline.  Whims, dreams, desires charge these design projects with conceptual integrity, giving form to the previously inexpressible. Radical by nature, scale ain’t nothing but a number baby.

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