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United Future Ruhrabia: Dubai-Düsseldorf, Kari Rittenbach

March 28, 2010

In the year 2024, when Dubai-Düsseldorf’s wealthiest forward-looking female art collector pursues the world’s final work of art, it is no wonder that she commissions the piece from Düsseldorf-born artist Antje Majewski. A realist painter influenced equally by Stanislaw Lem and Paul Thek, Majewski dreams up an idyllic sculptural piece which should theoretically defend against a future of consumer-driven degradation. Years of research in concert with a biotechnology company produce a vaguely feminine object, an ontogenic yet utterly useless thing which Majewski titles The Entity. It is a biologically minimal, amoeba-like work with neither sensory, nor reproductive, nor motor, nor nervous, nor excretory systems. Self metabolizing at an extremely slow rate, The Entity lives almost imperceptibly, and then dies. Neither representative nor iconic, it is a “new type of image”, life in the abstract, which bears no likeness (Allahu Akbar) but simply is. (read it all!)

Vacant plots abound in Rittenbach’s essay, “United Future Ruhrabia: Dubai-Düsseldorf,” a rational model for an irrational future that should happen as long as everything goes precisely according to plan….

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