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Itch the Glitch

March 8, 2010

I think what all this is about is about eating a good breakfast, making mistakes, and staying slightly behind the times.

Sleek sublimation just didn’t do it for me.

Awash in white light, brain oozing out of my ears, and I ask myself … what the fuck is going on?

And now I’m not where I was before but I think all these images say so much about time and being in different places.

And if you look at something and then look at something else you might see something you’ve already seen before

But it would probably be an accident unless you’re looking for it but that makes everything mean slightly more than it should.

It’s as if the same hue could appear two places at once or maybe in a sequence like one after the other but what I see here I’ve seen before.

And then I thought it would do me good to take a closer look but all I saw were problems with the most perfect of situations.

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