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On Raimund Abraham

March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010. 7:15 pm.
Eric Owen Moss, premonitory eulogist delivers a prophetic death sentence.  Raimund Abraham rises to applause (mine included). Lecture.  Hours later Abraham’s sedan collides with a metro bus in Downtown Los Angeles.  Abraham is pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.
How could Moss have predicted Abraham’s sudden death?
Here’s the answer:
No permanent allegiances.
No enduring relationships.
No obligatory friends or enemies.
The Raimund model is kinetic.
No final stops.
No ultimate destinations.
Raimund is a concert with Raimund as the audience…
…..well, almost….

(excerpt from prophetic eulogy)

For Abraham, death was at the heart of life, the motivation to commemorate the living and petrify the temporal as the material condition of man.

While man’s conceptual powers aspire to the infinite, his body is essentially fragile, temporal, a corpus which will be laid waste, like material itself, by the unremitting action of time. If there remains any hope for recreating the iconic in the modern world, then surely this will only come from reinterpretation of the archetypal existence of man; that is to say, new icons cannot possibly be established on the basis of motifs drawn or transposed from the lost historical epochs. New icons will either come from recognition of our intrinsic ontological limits or they will not arise at all. (On Architecture by Raimund Abraham)

Abraham’s works are masterpieces of the discipline—models of space in space—frozen in time because they can be—revelatory yet cloaked in mystery, ensnared in their own construction. Abraham’s last project, Musikerhaus, remains uncompleted.  His death, inevitable yet shocking, fits surprisingly well into the production notes.  Halt production, time continues.  Former NATO missile site collides with visionary art, visionary dies, and so does Raimund Abraham.

Later on:
A mysterious concrete mass sits on the site of a former missile base near Cologne, Germany.  Fanatics speculate. Rituals abound. Making something out of nothing—a phenomenological reading.

Raimund Abraham eulogy

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  1. March 5, 2010 11:45 am

    It is now going on a day and a half since Raimund Abraham’s sudden and tragic death, and almost a full day since the story first appeared on the Web — but although there have been news items appearing from all over the world, none have yet materialized from The New York Times — and New York City was home to Raimund, you know….

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