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D.H. Lawrence, Sons and Lovers

January 18, 2010

“The wood is so lovely now,” she said.  “I wanted you to see it.”

He followed her slowly across the road to the white gate.

“They grumble so if I’m late,” he said.

“But you’re not doing anything wrong,” she answered impatiently.

He followed her across the nibbled pasture in the dusk.  There was a coolness in the wood, a scent of leaves, of honeysuckle, and a twilight.  The two walked in silence.  Night came wonderfully there, among the throng of dark-tree trunks.  He looked round, expectant.

She wanted to show him a certain wild-rose bush she had discovered.  She knew it was wonderful.  And yet, till he had seen it, she felt it had not come into her soul.  Only he could make it her own, immortal.  She was dissatisfied.

Dew was already on the paths.  In the old oak-wood a mist was rising, and he hesitated, wondering whether one whiteness were a strand of fog or only campion-flowers pallid in a cloud.

By the time they came to the pine-trees Miriam was getting very eager and very tense.  Her bush might be gone.  She might not be able to find it; and she wanted it so much.  Almost passionately she wanted to be with him when he stood before the flowers.  They were going to have a communion together—something that thrilled her, something holy.  He was walking beside her in silence.  They were very near to each other.  She trembled, and he listened, vaguely anxious.

Coming to the edge of the wood, they saw the sky in front, like mother-of-pearl, and the earth growing dark.  Somewhere on the outermost branches of the pine-wood the honeysuckle was streaming scent. (to be continued…)

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