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Autistic Architecture

November 30, 2009

Visualization tools allow dreams to come one step closer to reality.

hmmm... when do I feel like this?

Does technological determinism explain the rise in cases of autism?  Is our hyper-mediated environment turning us all slightly autistic, lost in visually dense otherworlds?

I recently got the chance to visit a second grade class so they could practice reading out loud.  I sat down next to a kid who, as I later discovered, had been diagnosed with autism.  On the back page of his book on Museums there was a list of vocabulary words with corresponding images.  I asked him to just read the vocabulary words since he had politely declined to read the rest of the book.  As we proceeded down the list, I noticed  that Clifton “read” a synonym of each word rather than the word itself.  When it came to a picture of an astronaut with its corresponding word “space,” Clifton was stumped.  Clifton had been visualizing as opposed to reading, correctly identifying “Astronaut” and “space” as the least apt analogy.

Claes Oldbenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Trombone Bridge, 2005




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