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Augmented Reality

November 22, 2009

So I start to think that “Augmented Reality” sounds like something I should be getting in on ASAP. Then I realize that my internet is in a bit of a funk and that I can’t even watch the AR video demonstration on GE’s website.  Then I start to think about how reality has been “augmented” for quite some time now–like with the invention of the light-bulb, psychedelics, television, spirit summonings, fiber optics, etc…  Suddenly all the augmented hype of “Augmented Reality” technology diminishes my augmented vision of the future and I realize maybe “augmented” and “reality” are just two words branded together in order to get people excited and willing to invest $ome reality (if you know what I’m $aying) in re$earch & development.  My pessimism, brought on by my present day technological deficiencies, underscores a fundamental problem with today’s increasingly undercover technological determinism.  The virtual seems to be getting ahead of itself. Can “AR” patch up potholes? What about projecting a sparkling facade over a foreclosed home?




For more on the path to the future, I would check out this conversation with Kazys Varnelis at Triple Canopy.

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