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World’s Biggest!

March 24, 2009
12:47 AM me: lets make the worlds biggest something
12:48 AM we should do research to figure out the easiest world biggest thing we could make
12:51 AM me: burnt finger
winston: imagine what an 8 foot long one of those would look like
12:52 AM me: so is that the record we want to try and set
winston: too expensive
and the recipe is too new
me: i would love to do a worlds biggest casserole
winston: i’m sure that record exists
and is fucking big
12:53 AM me: haha yes you are probably right
12:55 AM you should have paint in one of your drawers
and salad
winston: i will have both
salad is a good one
maybe we should make the worlds smallest casserole and put it in there
12:56 AM me: teeny weeny casserole
im going to start making tiny food
12:58 AM winston: that will be your point of entry into the culinary world
“start small”
really small
me: some like macrobiotic, i like microscopic
12:59 AM winston: im eating the worlds tiniest nacho right now
or maybe im not
i can’t tell
me: i just took the world tiniest sip of diet pepsi
1:00 AM winston: record breakers
me: srsly
winston: lookout world
1:01 AM me: does the guiness book of world records still exist?
i guess i could figure that out
1:02 AM winston: yes
me: i realized that half the questions i ask people could easily be figured out without people
actually 90%
1:03 AM winston: their website is cool
it makes it easy to attempt record
1:04 AM On 19 December 2008, the patron’s day of Prilep, the town of Prilep in the Republic of Macedonia, officially became part of Guinness World Records.

80,191 cabbage rolls or ‘sarma’, were prepared for every citizen of town; thus Prilep attempted to set a Guinness World Record under the category of largest cabbage dish.

1:05 AM me: i wonder if quantity trumped quality on this one
what if it was also the BEST sarma they ever had
1:06 AM winston: Talal Omar, Guinness World Records adjudicator, weighed the container which contained the sarmas and made sure that everything took place according to Guinness World Records guidelines. The net weight of the cabbage dish was exactly 544 kg (1,221 lbs).

“This is my first time in Macedonia and I am really excited by the entire event, I’ve also tasted your famous sarma and I can say it is really delicious,” Talal Omar said.

1:07 AM me: thanks for answering my question
1:08 AM maybe i am the world record holder for most questions asked of people that could easily be answered on the internet
1:09 AM i cant tell if that sentence makes sense or not
oh well
ok time to write
1:10 AM winston: see ya
Worlds Smallest Pancake

World's Smallest Pancake

World's Smallest Cheeseburger

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