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Value Preservation

March 23, 2009
Foreclosure Trash Out - Ill Fortune and Its Leavings (NY Times)

"Foreclosure Trash Out - Ill Fortune and Its Leavings" (NY Times)

“WSR Maintenance is pleased to be affiliated with their sister company WSR Preservation Services. Sharing in the same quality assurance and customer care WSR Preservation is a property preservation, REO maintenance and repair services company. WSR Preservation Services is dedicated to securing and maintaining vacant and abandoned properties within 24-48 hour time lines. We understand the importance of preserving the abandoned asset to maintain and help our clients secure their investment values.” (WSR)

“Trash Out” says the New York Times, “Preservation Service” says WSR Sales & Management. Much like the mortician, house preservers clean up what is already dead. There may always reside a funny smell in the air of a foreclosed home abused and tortured by the evicted families who inflict their pain and frustration on the space they inhabited. Vestiges of the everyday and the subsequent pain of upheaval or death are cleared by the specialists who deal in death and loss with a dark humor and an ethic of efficiency.


"before screen shot from "The Stagers"

"before screen shot from "The Stagers"

In HGTV’s “The Stagers,” a home stager, the luxury division of the house preserver, is allocated a budget by the client for a staging of their home with the hopes of a larger profit margin on their home sale. Erasing the everydayness of the home and its often quirky functionality is of utmost importance. The idea is to mask the home’s use value with its lifestyle value.


"after" screen shot from "The Stagers"

"after" screen shot from "The Stagers"

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