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Communion with Nature

March 18, 2009


Appenzell Journal: In Thin Air of the Alps, Swiss Secrecy is Vanishing (ny times)

What are the limits of spaces these hikers consider fit for disrobing? They seem comfortable enough to walk through a village of conservative Appenzellers. Perhaps the locals are all part of the scenery though more ornery. Does the hikers’ disrobing signify a dissatisfaction with their urban environment or are they fulfilling the true nature of a vacation, stripping away the material complexities of society? Do they drive home in the nude?

“Amenity seeking in the Alps is mostly comprised of daily, intermittent or seasonal forms without losing physical contact with the larger, mostly outer-Alpine towns. Because of this, attachment to social life and regional development seems to be more of an enlargement of metropolitan area into the Alps than contribution to increasing Alpine development potential.” (Manfred Perlik, “The Specifics of Amenity Migration in the European Alps” in The Amenity Migrants: Seeking and Sustaining Mountains and their Cultures)

Freedom cannot allude containment.

Italian game show Distraction

Italian game show "Distraction". Contestants attempt to win a car.

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